1 Day Project
16/02/24, 6 pm

Richard Sides

Deep Listening, KIN’s fourth 1 Day Project presented a situation by Richard Sides on February 16, 2024 from 6-9 pm.

Richard Sides’ works explore contemporary ideas of meaning as an existential problem. These often manifest as environments that treat the exhibition as sites with their own obstructions and particularities to respond to. Deep Listening is a situation that engages with the architecture of KIN by activating the gallery’s interior walls as a loudspeaker. Transducers are installed on the outside of the walls turning them into a conduit; a resonant body that hosts an extended multichannel sound-work. The source audio materials are edited from an archive generated by the artist over the past 20 years. Inside, a grid is constructed of tensioned string with an accompanying wall text.

‘Deep Listening’ refers to the composer Pauline Oliveros’ structural exploration of the relationships among any and all sounds whether intended or unintended, natural or technological, tangible or imagined. Sides reflects on Oliveros’ concepts as a process to heighten awareness, to clear space inside to receive, not just to hear, but to unravel the complexity of our antagonistic environments. Deep Listening plays on the myth of division – the inside and the outside, the visible versus the audible, the binary of a yes and a no which decides everything. The situation is both a visual space and a space of sound where the eye creates distance while the ear puts us at the centre of an engaging and energy-filled realm.