1 Day Project
01/09/23, 7.30 pm

Reading & Screening: Michael Van den Abeele, Jeans & Pasta

Jeans & Pasta, KIN’s second 1 Day Project presents the latest live reading as well as a video screening by Michael Van den Abeele.

From material to mythology. Jeans & Pasta is a dramatised medley of monologues and pseudo-conversations. Who will come, and What’s for dinner get confused or mixed-up. In the different texts that are written or re-written for this occasion, the notion of bodily consumption is appearing in different forms, and moves from the gossipy congregation of Cupids, over spit-roasting Angels, to Cowboys debating the payment in therapy and other tissue-box issues.

Topology, rhythm and multiplicities return in the motif of jeans, which contains social mobility and immigrant mutation. Jeans, the American recipe with Denim as European ingredient, and through spaghetti westerns, Europe re-appropriated the American folklore and the mythology got further redistributed. Certainly, people never grow a third or a fourth leg. Jeans, being the sturdiest pair of trousers around, had to re-invent its narrative in order to grow marketwise, over and over, steadily emancipating, from technical innovation to ornament & seduction.

Michael Van den Abeele °1974, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Past presentations and exhibitions took place at Stadtgalerie Bern; MuHKA, Antwerp; gallery Gaudel de Stampa, Paris; la Maison de Rendez-Vous, Brussels; la Salle de Bains, Lyon; CAC, Vilnius; Museum Leuven, and WIELS Brussels.